ROCKTOBER (Late) Update on how much you rocked!


Last October 300 of you defied the storm and descended on ROCKTOBER for a good time. 

The superb bands (Hitting Southpaw, G’n’F’n’R’s and Squealer) had us all screaming to the rafters… and the God’s of Rock award winners from the crowd (Karen, Jamie & The Claw) were great & talented sorts. You should check out the stack of photos over on
It’s all about having a feel-good, dress up, livin’ the dream, tribute rock party in Wellington … and you made it the biggest and best yet! I salute you. \m/

All ticket profits went to the Cancer Society of New Zealand and as the bands, DJs, crew, sound guy, lighting guy & venue did it all for next-to-nothing, Rocktober raised a huge $2,850 thanks to you! Managing that figure without having any financial sponsorship this time is a tribute to all of you who came along, top marks. Party on.

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