GODS of ROCK Quick Update

I’ll say it all properly when everything has come together later, but a simply HUGE thankyou to everyone who came along and everyone involved in GODS of ROCK. It totally Rocked & You totally Rocked! Big time. \m/

Funds Raised: We’re counting up the monies now and will announce the total later today.

Photos: Official GODS of ROCK photos of the event & photobooth highlights (from WeDo) will be up online over the next couple of days – so you can relive the night in pictures, spot your mates or just get a bit of an idea of that you missed! We’ll let you know as soon as they’re up.

Tshirts: Event Tshirts will be available on TradeMe this coming week if you fancy a momento (all profits still go to Charity).

Send us your Pics & Videos
We’re real keen to see any pics or vids you took on Friday night too, so email dave@rocktober.co.nz or leave comments with links under this post if you fancy sharing! We’ll post up our favourites and credit you.

More soon!


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